Razer Viper Ultimate– $129.99.


The Razer Viper Ultimate video BEST GAMING MOUSE UNDER $170 isn’t the only pc gaming mouse clocking in at $129.99, however it does go up in price when gotten with its charging dock.

Then costing $149.99, this computer mouse can be found in 4 various layouts:
black, mercury (white), quartz (pink), and also a special Cyberpunk 2077
variation in yellow that costs an added $10.

Razer Viper Ultimate Specs

The ambidextrous style is what makes this mouse stand apart, making it much more
easily accessible than a lot of video gaming computer mouse. The cordless
computer mouse’s 70-hour battery life isn’t the most effective on the market,
yet it is still plenty to last a gaming session together with recharging in its
convenient port in between, specifically for the rate.

The Emphasis+ sensing unit from Razer reaches 20,000 dots per inch (DPI), making it unbelievably
conscious user activity. The 70 million click lifetime is ample. As far as the
critical customization goes, the Razer Viper Ultimate has eight switches for
custom-made programming.

Top 10 Most Pricey Gaming Mouses in the World 2022

Logitech G502 Lightspeed – $149.99


At number nine is the Logitech G502 Lightspeed remote BEST GAMING MOUSE UNDER $170, costing $149.99.

Making this BEST GAMING MOUSE UNDER $170 one of a kind is its adjustable weight framework. While the standard load on buy is
114g, six parts inside the mouse can be eliminated. This permits each gamer to
settle on their favored equilibrium and weight dispersion. In addition, its
cost has been known to drop to only $119.99 every so often!

This and the accompanying mouse are likewise viable with Logitech’s Powerplay remote charging framework;
a mouse mat that charges remotely in any event, during interactivity.

Top 10 Most Pricey Gaming Mouses in the World 2022

Logitech G502 Lightspeed Specs

For minimal more cash than mouse number 10, the specs improve significantly. The Legend sensor works
at a limit of 25,600 DPI. A sum of 11 buttons can be customized anyway the
proprietor wishes. The mouse additionally utilizes remote charging innovation,
making it a similar cost as number 10 when the essential charging dock is

Be that as it may, the
battery duration endures just 60 hours of interactivity before it should be
re-energized. And keeping in mind that it has an ergonomic thumb rest plan,
that implies it is just for right-gave gamers.

Basically then, whether
the Logitech G502 or the Razer Snake Extreme is better relies upon whether a
gamer is more intrigued by battery duration, ability to use both hands, DPI, or
having more programmable buttons.

Logitech G903 Lightspeed – $149.99


The second most costly gaming mouse from Logitech, the G903 Lightspeed is additionally a remote item,
and similar as the G502, once in a while retails at a lower cost. Its weight is
likewise adjustable inside 10g to oblige the powercore part that considers
remote charging.

Top 10 Most Pricey Gaming Mouses in the World 2022

Logitech G903 Lightspeed Specs

Like the G502, the G903 capabilities at up to 25,600 DPI with 1:1 following, and has up to 11
adjustable buttons. While it is able to use both hands, a few clients find its
obliging plan awkward to utilize.

The battery duration is significantly better however, enduring through 140 hours of interactivity
between charges, which the site gladly remarks is “practically 6x the
battery duration of the past age G903.”

 In contrast to the G502 be that as it may, the G903 accompanies Lightsync RGB: “game-driven,
full-range RGB lighting answers in-game activity, sound, and screen tone.”
The lighting movements and impacts might be altered by gamers to match the remainder
of their set-up, with generally 16.8 million tones to browse.

Razer Basilisk Extreme – $149.99



The Razer Basilisk Extreme doesn’t exactly appear to merit “extreme.” Taking into
account its price tag is equivalent to mouse number 6 (with the exception of
when it goes at a bargain and can drop to $99.99), it simply doesn’t give off
an impression of being great incentive for cash – especially significant when
this much cash is involved!

Top 10 Most Pricey Gaming Mouses in the World 2022

Razer Basilisk Extreme Specs

The mouse’s battery can
deal with as long as 100 hours of interactivity at a time. It is solely correct
given however, in contrast to its less expensive partner, the Snake Extreme.

The optical sensor’s greatest responsiveness is 20,000 DPI, not exactly Logitech’s two gaming mouses
at a similar cost. Its life expectancy is evaluated at 70 million ticks, great
yet not particularly imperative thinking about its rivals in this rundown.

The 14 “Razer Chroma RBG Lighting Zones” and 11 buttons are programmable, however that doesn’t
come near the Naga Master’s customization choices.

One reclaiming factor is that incorporating the accusing dock of the Razer Basilisk Extreme just adds an
extra $20 to the price tag (dissimilar to $49.99 with the Naga Star), taking
the total up to $169.99. It can work remotely yet does likewise incorporate a
link for gamers who favor the security of being connected.

Generally however, taking into account they’re evaluated something very similar, the Razer Basilisk
Extreme gaming mouse can’t rival the Naga Ace mouse, likewise from Razer.

Top 10 Most Pricey Gaming Mouses in the World 2022

Razer Naga Expert – $149.99


The Razer Naga Expert acquaints swappable side plates with the rundown. Taking customization to a
higher level, the remote gaming mouse accompanies a 12-button side plate choice intended for MMOs, a 6-button side plate choice that gives better grasp to Fight Royale games or MOBAs, and a 2-button side plate for FPSs. Contingent upon the design gamers pick, the mouse can give up to 20 mappable buttons.

Razer Naga Expert Specs

One more mouse with 20,000 DPI, this mouse isn’t able to use both hands, just intended for right-gave

The remote choice has 100
hours of battery duration. It can endure up to 150 however on Bluetooth, or
charge while gaming when connected by means of link. Be that as it may, it does
requires a charging dock at an additional expense of $49.99, however the
retailer once in a while offers a group manage the mouse.

However, the Razer Naga Expert mouse is viable with any Razer charging docks you may as of now have!

Logitech Star X Superlight – $159.99


Logitech’s most costly commitment to the universe of gaming mouses appears to have practically
indistinguishable specs to Logitech’s two less expensive choices on this

Logitech Star X Superlight Specs

The Logitech Star X Superlight utilizes the Lightspeed remote arrangement of its less expensive numbered cousins. It is Powerplay viable for remote charging during ongoing interaction, and the Legend sensor works at up to 25,600 DPI. Yet, there are likewise just five buttons, much lower than the greater part of the gaming mouses on this rundown.

All things being equal, the Ace X’s fundamental property is by all accounts its close weightlessness.
At under 63g, this mouse professes to convey “close to frictionless

The site makes sense of: “Ace X SUPERLIGHT is designed with a solitary objective — to make the
lightest conceivable Expert remote gaming mouse while holding the quality,
underlying honesty and favorable to grade principles that Logitech G

So for gamers more keen on a smooth lightweight encounter without extra adjustable buttons burdening
their mouse, this is the result of decision.

SteelSeries Prime Remote – $169


Coming in at £129.99 (or by and large $169), the Steelseries Prime Remote
gaming mouse comes both in a norm and more modest than typical variation.

Steelseries Prime Distant Specs The vitally immense push ahead in future, this mouse ensures 100 million ticks.

The battery length is 100 hours, really typical for this point on the summary.
Besides, at 80g, it measures to some degree more than the super-light mouse
number 5. The DPI similarly expands at 18,000 – truly low thinking about its

Additionally, it’s not even ready to utilize two hands, being planned for
right-gave players. There are just 6 buttons and simply a solitary light-up RGB
zone for customization.

The Great’s redeeming quality is apparently its uncommon Brilliance OM
mechanical switches. “The mix of optical sensor, bigger than regular
spring and appealing affiliation guarantee zero leeway, debounce, and an
extensive stretch of dependably new snaps,” or so the site ensures.
Accepting that is all you’re looking for, this might be an optimal one for you.


What mouse do pro gamers use 2022?

Razer’s Viper Ultimate untethers and upgrades one of the best gaming mice a competitive esports player could ask for. It’s a winner, but get the version with the charging dock.

Why is the G502 so popular?

The Logitech G502 HERO is a very good mouse for FPS games. It feels very well-built and comfortable to use thanks to its grippy body and right-handed shape with a thumb rest, which also has a sniper button built into it. It has remarkably low click latency and a wide, customizable CPI range.


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