Five of the funniest video games

Five of the funniest video games

Five of the funniest video games


The worlds of video games are often more complex and graphically stunning than those of some of the most renowned fantasy and adventure films. These endearing worlds full of quirks have been created by skilled developers who put their heart and soul into every aspect of their games, and players can easily get lost in them. The best indie games as well as well-known multi-awarded with imaginative and particular worlds are available to players.
Apart from being visually appealing, fantasy games often include interesting storylines and distinctive gameplay that can amuse both new and experienced players. There’s a game with a unique fantasy world for everyone, whether a player prefers cute video games, weird adventures, or mind-blowing puzzle games.


Wytchwood is one of the dumbest witch-themed indie games and is set in a kingdom with elements of fables and fairy tales. The game’s beautiful and detailed storybook art style evokes a warm, nostalgic feel while setting the stage for an enjoyable crafting experience. As an old witch of the woods, players will have to traverse a world filled with gothic legends.
After taking on the role of this powerful witch, players will have to gather magical ingredients, craft potions and spells, and deal with a variety of weird and cute people who inhabit this magical land. It’s a relaxing and heartwarming creative game that will keep non-gamers busy too.


Thanks to its distinctive art style, Papetura is not only one of the most humorous games players will ever play, but also one of the most distinctive. With its imaginative narrative, evocative soundtrack and endearing characters, this lovely game has been entirely handcrafted from paper. From start to finish, it offers its players a unique and enigmatic journey. Papetura’s narrative centers on Pape, a lonely paper creature who encounters Tura after successfully escaping from prison. Along with them on their quest, players will help them stop the fire from spreading to their home. It’s a simple yet joyful point-and-click adventure with creative puzzles and a memorable environment.

Tiny Bang: a story

The Tiny Bang Story is a beautifully hand-drawn point-and-click adventure game that’s a great choice for gamers who enjoy “weird in a good way” games. One of the best games for kids, this whimsical masterpiece lets the whole family explore its imaginative surroundings while solving puzzles and locating hidden objects in order to save the inhabitants of the Tiny Planet.

The game’s storyline takes place on Tiny Planet, a delicate planet that disintegrated into pieces after being hit by an asteroid. Players can immerse themselves in a variety of colorful and eerie locations where they must solve puzzles in order to repair Tiny Planet’s vital machinery and win the day.

In the charming single-player adventure game Omno Omno, players can traverse a tranquil and beautiful old fantasy world. Omno features gorgeous graphics and entertaining storytelling full of mysteries and secrets. While learning the mysteries of a long-forgotten civilization, players can traverse lush forests, icy tundras, and scorching deserts.
It is also one of the best games for animal lovers who enjoy meeting new imaginative fantastic species due to its amazing beasts and endearing creatures. Even though the world of Omno is full of mysteries, secrets and obstacles, the game is also simple enough that newcomers and less experienced players will have a great time playing it.

The story of a juggler

For players who love anything hot and toasty but with a hint of darkness, there’s A Juggler’s Tale. Players of this multi-award-winning cinematic puzzle adventure game will be able to lead a puppet character named Abby through a wounded but endearing fairy tale-like plot.