The 4 Best Video Games Kids Played in the 1990s

The 4 Best Video Games Kids Played in the 1990s

The 4 Best Video Games Kids Played in the 1990s


Some would say Mario Kart 64 required less skill than other kart racers, but its catch-up system made playing with friends so much more enjoyable. Even to this day, many core tenets of Mario Kart 64 remain. Items like green shell and banana peels are annoyances for receivers and satisfactions for shippers. Peeling rubber on various tracks like Rainbow Road and Bowser’s Castle is amazing. Mario Kart 64 is a surreal kart racing game.


You’ve no doubt heard of the Doom video game franchise, unless you’ve been living under a rock for several decades. There were a number of sequels to the 1993 release of the original Doom. Doom added depth and replayability to the first-person shooter genre that had never been seen before. The Doom series was a major inspiration for later first-person shooters. Quake and Star Wars: Dark Forces are two well-known games that were made possible by Doom. Doom continues to have an effect on indie games today, including Paranautical Activity, Devil Daggers, Project Warlock, and Hellbound.

Nintendo World

Super Mario World, frequently cited as one of the greatest video games ever made, is renowned for its complex platforming. Yoshi, a dinosaur, and Mario work together in Super Mario World. Yoshi’s debut in Super Mario World is to thank for becoming one of Nintendo’s best-known characters. If you were a kid in the 1990s, chances are you played Super Mario World. It’s a fantastic platform game that has lost none of its appeal since its release.

007 Golden Eye

It’s hard to find timeless shooters like GoldenEye 007 today. While the biggest explosions and finest level design aren’t always important, they may have helped GoldenEye 007. We won’t soon forget classics like Dam, Silo, Jungle, and Complex, which are not only a few memorable levels. Additionally, the game had cheat codes that could be used to access secret material like the Aztec level and additional characters. Yes, the youth of the 1990s miss cheats. Another factor that made games great in the 1990s was the use of cheat codes.

Although some might argue that Mario Kart 64 required less skill than other kart racing games, the catch-up mechanic made playing with friends much more fun. Many core elements of Mario Kart 64 still exist today. Green shell and banana peels are examples of items that irritate recipients while satisfying senders. It’s great to peel rubber around different courses like Rainbow Road and Bowser’s Castle. A bizarre kart racing video game is Mario Kart 64.