The 4 Best Xbox Exclusive Games Ever Made

The 4 Best Xbox Exclusive Games Ever Made

The 4 Best Xbox Exclusive Games Ever Made


Since the Xbox platform often focuses on simultaneous releases unlike the PlayStation platform, finding high-quality Xbox exclusive games can be difficult, we’re straying from the norm and bringing you a more diverse list. You can find out details about the game, the Xbox platform it was made for, and its Metacritic rating, from lowest to highest, in the sections below.

Since the list would normally only feature games from the Forza, Gears of War, and Halo series, we’ve only included the highest-rated game from each series, rather than adding them all. You can discover some hidden treasures of the Xbox platform using our listing structure. Since the games are only accessible on Xbox platforms, this list also counts concurrent PC releases as exclusives.

Xbox 360, The Witcher 2: Assassins Of Kings (88).

The game’s depiction of the Polish economy, which the game apparently nailed correctly, made it such a huge problem that Barack Obama even acknowledged it at one point. The challenging games received some criticism, but that only served to elevate those who participated and succeeded to legendary status. Since console games generally have a negative reputation in this area, it’s a big compliment that the Xbox 360 game’s visuals were praised for being on par with the PC version. The demanding challenge and inclusive storytelling style of The Witcher 2 received more praise.

Left 4 Dead Xbox 360 Game (89)

Left 4 Dead seemed like the next AAA property for Xbox when it was first released, but the series hasn’t produced many games in the last ten years. The original game is still a nice surprise, though. While most zombie games use a third person perspective, Left 4 Dead used a first person perspective to make the player feel like they are the ones surrounded by swarms of zombies. Left 4 Dead was a favorite with Xbox 360 customers as a multiplayer game because it placed a heavy emphasis on that component.

89) Fable II – Xbox 360

Xbox only has a handful of franchises and role-playing games that can match those on PlayStation systems. Fable lost its appeal in later years in that sense, although Fable II was exceptional. With elements like making friends and even engaging in personal relationships, the game has been praised for introducing a more realistic universe. The open world was praised for focusing primarily on the action rather than wasting time on cutscenes or chat scenes, allowing the player to continue playing. The inclusion of cooperative and multiplayer elements further strengthened

Fable II.

Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2 Xbox 360 Game (90)
You won’t have to deal with geometry problems in this game because Geometry Wars series is a shooting game, which is the most popular genre for Xbox gamers.

The style of the game relies on your nostalgia for older games where the goal was to blow everything up on the screen and the job seemed simple. The sequel to Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved builds on the traditional elements and delivers a visually stunning presentation that will amaze gamers. Thanks to the multiplayer option, you can be sure to invite your friends to join the party.

Xbox 360 Trials Evolution Title (90)

Sometimes you want a simple but gritty racing game. Trials Evolution offers a distinctive aesthetic while catering to people who enjoy a messy relationship with their races. Here, the promise of racing on bikes awaits you rather than having to drive difficult-to-use autos. Although 3D models were used, the game is a 2D style project, which makes it less complicated. You just have to do your drag race, and with the ability to customize the terrain, you’ll fly and crash into lots of motorcycles.