The three unexplained storylines of Grand Theft Auto 5

The three unexplained storylines of Grand Theft Auto 5

The three unexplained storylines of Grand Theft Auto



Did anyone foresee that in 2019 there would be no new game or addition to Grand Theft Auto? That was in 2013. This tragic truth has to be attributed to the huge popularity of GTA V, which is still selling out in stores around the world. It seems only fair that we turn to the most recent GTA games to examine its flaws, as we don’t have a new GTA game to criticize. There were glaring narrative flaws in the storyline, despite the game being really fun to play. Don’t trust us? So take a look at these 3 holes in GTA V that we still don’t have an answer for.
Why not choose “Deathwish” from the start?
The main characters in GTA V have been used as pawns by different guys a number of times, which was pretty much the whole idea of ​​the narrative. Before Franklin was given the choice of either murdering Trevor or Michael, or making a “death wish”, where he teams up with the two to kill those who oppose them, our heroes would be agitated by these guys for long time. Why the hell this didn’t happen to the main characters in the first place is the question that needs to be asked here. This “deathwish” was not out of the question as they felt the heat the whole time the evil men were in charge of them. Plus, Trevor was thrilled with the concept, so it didn’t take a lot of conviction to get started.
Michael’s Madrazzo Fear
Early in the match, Michael got on Madrazzo’s bad side, which hurt him for the rest of the storyline and made him Madrazzo’s go-to man to get his money back. But given how easily Michael killed individuals in front of us, it seems absurd that Madrazzo would scare him.
If Michael hadn’t been brave enough to take on Madrazzo, he might have tasked Trevor with finishing him off. Trevor, who as we all know hated Madrazzo to his core, reportedly happily accepted the assignment.

Trevor After Brad In prison, Trevor was very protective of the subject of Brad and continued to talk about the good old days to anyone who listened (or he just made them listen). In the group of three, which also included Michael and Trevor, this person was the third best pal. Trevor learned that Brad had been imprisoned for the previous ten years. Although Trevor was already an awful pal for leaving Brad in jail, it was portrayed as a significant concern when he learned that Brad had died. Trevor didn’t know Brad wasn’t really there. Given Trevor’s insane antics and the fact that the prison wasn’t particularly far away, freeing Brad shouldn’t have been too difficult.

How easy it was to find Michael
Since that’s the whole point of witness protection, one would expect Michael to have some degree of anonymity, but it was really very easy to track him down. As we’ve seen, Trevor just needed a short drive from the countryside to Los Santos before walking into Michael’s house.

The game could have at least suggested that locating Michael was difficult, but Trevor didn’t even have to; he delegated the task to his idiot partner Wade. The witness protection program appears to have been completely ineffective, rendering the whole arrangement useless.